No Ordinary Sun Electroacoustic - Poem Hone Tu Whare- excerpt
Under Erebus - excerpt
Sound Cylinders for Flute and Tape - excerpt
Pilgrimmage to Gallipli radiophonic work  - excerpt 1
Pilgrimmage to Gallipli radiophonic work  - excerpt 2
Inner Bellow for Clainet and Fixed Media - excerpt
Faultlines for Solo Violin - excerpt
Memories Apart for Ensemble - excerpt
Major Works - Synopsis
A full list is avaialable upon request

Orchestral Works

Icescape for orchestra, Promethean Editions ISBN 0-9582587-8-0 ISMN M-6745-036-2 2006

Viola Concerto Commissioned by the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, 2015

Celestial Bodies for Orchestra.  Commissioned by the CSO (Visuals element by Julia Morison 2005) 

Forgotten Memories for Va and Orch. Commissioned by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra 2004. 

Y2k Pacemaker.  Commissioned by the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra 1998 

Double Violin Concerto written for Mrak Menzies and Martin Risley 2020


Solo Instrument and Fixed Media

Sound Cylinders for Flute and Tape, (1998). Compact Disk published by New Zealand Geographic 2006

Inner Bellow Waiteata Music Press ISBN 1-877381-47-0

The Watertable for Alto/Bass Flute and Tape. Commissioned by the NZ Flute convention for 2002 



Iron Pebbles and Gold Dust Publisher: University of Waikato, Sonic Art Vol. I  MDWU1200, 2000

Under Erebus Publisher: University of Waikato, New Zealand Sonic Art Vol. II MDWU1201, 2001

Aeolian Harp sounds, Publisher University of Waikato, New Zealand Sonic Art Vol. III UWMD 1202, 2002

Windscape, electroacoustic work for the Dowse Art Museum, for their  For Strong Winds Exhibition. 1992

Music for limbs, electroacoustic music for dance.  Commissioned by the Limbs Dance 1981

Transcendence A work written especially for the SOUNDDOME 2016

No Ordinary Sun, based on a poem by and recited by Hone Tu Whare 2015

Pilgrimage to Gallipoli, a radiophonic work (1hr, 15min) 1994-2009


Solo Works

Doldrums for solo amplified Cello. Under the Southern Cross Manu 1543/4 1998

Faultlines for Solo Violin, Commissioned by Mark Menzies, 2009


Ensemble Works

Dream Compass for Ensemble 2016

Munted for large ensemble Commissioned by STROMA 2011

Hidden Bellow for Fl(s), 2x Sax and pno commissioned by the Seliseh Ensemble, Germany, 2009/10

The Triumvirate for Piano, Vln and Vc.  Commissioned by the New Zealand String Trio 2005

Piece for eighteen strings Commissioned by University of Canterbury for their Australian Tour in 1988. 

Deep music Commissioned by Continuum, Christchurch Symphony Orchestra.  1988

Waiting for Godot, for 2 French horns, piano, and string orchestra.  1982                   

Duo for violin and cello,  1992.  Written for Viola and Violin 2002

Dreamlines for Viola and Piano 2020 Commissioned by Robert Ashworth with assistance from CNZ



Under Erebus the Dowse art museum (Lower Hutt) 2008 as part of the 2008 Antarctic festival 

Under Erebus Plimsoll Art Gallery Tasmania, Aust. April 2-24 2005, 

Aeolian Harp. 2001 (sound/concrete/ wood/steel/nylon/brass) Exhibited in the Christchurch Botanical Gardens Botanical as part of ‘Scape Art & Industry Urban Arts Festival’, Sept 1 – Nov 30, 2002

Windscape, (electroacoustic) com. by the Dowse Art Museum, (For Strong Winds Exhibition). 1992

Gallipoli Fragments for Piano Trio, Fixed Media and Images, Commissioned by NZ Trio 2014

Circulus Antarcticus.  Electroacoustic music to go with dance. Commissioned by Bronwyn Judge. 2002

In Sympathy, a work for solo trumpet involving music, sculpture and theatre.1981 made into a film and     

shown in numerous venues throughout New Zealand including the Wellington Film Festival.  1983

8Kms, installation Art in Dunedin Festival, 1984.  Revised 1992 soundscape (exhibited Sonic Circus, 

Aramoana, installation Hocken Library, Wellington City Art Gallery.  1980

Soundscape to go with Centrefolds, an art p Work by Julia Morison. 2007

Cross Roads Installation with the sculptor Andrew Drummond 1999.  Installed Wycoller Country Park, Trawden, England.

Willow dance, soundscape to go with an installation/video tableau by Andrew Drummond.  1980

A black painting, soundscape to go with paintings and a banner by Ralph Hotere. 1979


Iron Pebbles and Gold Dust Electroacoustiuc - excerpt
The Watertable for Flute and Fixed Media - excerpt

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